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Blaze the Jupiter Ace Emulator
as a SAM Coupé disk image  [104 kb zip]

   Blaze is the result of an email from me to Edwin Blink, asking if it was possible to make a Jupiter Ace Emulator to run on my SAM Coupé. The SAM use a faster Z80B cpu, the Aces is a standard Z80 cpu. Edwin then came up with Blaze and it will run on a SAM Coupé 256 or 512, with SamDOS, MasterDOS, or BDOS. It will also run on the Sam Coupé Emulator, SIM Coupé.

   To run the Blaze on a SAM you will have to write the disk image to a 3.5 floppy disk. Best done by using Simon Owen`s Samdisk V2 util, which runs with Windows XP.

    When running Blaze on a SAM you the following options:
  • ESC - Exits the emulator. Drops you into SAM BASIC.
  • RUN - to resume.
  • TAB - Shows a Jupiter Ace keyboard layout on screen, see screen shot below.
  • F9 - Reset, same as 0 call from the Ace.
  • F8 - Re-load a snapshot.
  • F7 - Load a snapshot.
  • - Save a snapshot, not finished yet.

Blaze Start screen on SAM.

TAB key pressed on SAM brings up the Jupiter Ace keyboard layout up.

Blaze running, yes, that's the normal Aces boot screen!

Jupiter Aces VLIST command entered while running Blaze,
on SIM Coupé emulator ,on Windows XP.