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Sergio Gimenez Ace

Is basically the same as Droy Trastero's Ace but Sergio has made a pcb version. Sergio has sent us some images that are have not been seen before.

Sergio's pcb files for download.
Here you can see the poly vinyl acetate sheets with the pcb design. Photo graphically reproduced ready to be used in the etching of the copper clad plates.

The finished pcb ready to be populated with the components.

Top - The finished pcb ready to be populated with the components

Underside - The finished pcb ready to be populated with the components

Close up showing the date 2002!, the GND grid for the modulator, also note that all the IC holes have been drilled and connecting via's between both sides of the pcb.

Top of the pcb showing all the components in place, the empty IC socket is where the keyboard is connected.

The red and black wires are the power feed, which are soldered to the bottom on the pcb and hot glued in place to stop them being pulled out of place.

In the above image on the right are the connectors for the EAR and MIC and speaker output.
The Keyboard and Case

The Keyboard has been made from an old PC keybaord, the type that has a pcb. The tracks have been cut and re-wired.

Close up of the rewiring.

Note the how the keyboard connects the pcb using an IC socket, The cables have also been held in place with cable ties and have been glued with a "hot glue gun".

The pcb in it's acrylic perspex blue case.

The finished Ace!

The archive team would like to thank Sergio for the use of his images.