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GT Ace.
GT's Ace has had a 50-pin IDC connector added to it's edge connector for better signal connections. GT has also printed out the logic of the IC's and you can see the print outs stuck on the chips. GT have sent us a number of documents and application circuits for the Ace. He also used a number of home ROM extensions.

We are sorry for the poor quality of these images and also that we do not have an overall image of this Ace. When GT has time to sort more images out for us we will update them with new ones

Here you can see the 50 pin IDC connector added to the edge connector, also more capacitors to stabilise the power supply.

Underside details of the IDC connector, the blue wire we think is a ROMCS / ROMSL signal to switch out the Aces's ROMs.

Another shot of the solder side showing where the blue wire's starting point.

On these two images GT has stuck a print-out the chip logic over the IC's.