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PK Customized Ace

This Ace was customized in Ireland by PK. You can see in the images a CPU reset button and a video output socket was fitted. PK tells us how and what was done, "It's such a long time ago that I can't clearly recall how I made the holes in the case...I possibly drilled them but more likely I burned these with the tip of a hot soldering iron".

"These are very simple mods really and nothing elaborate. The reset is just a 100-ohm resistor (inside the gray plastic sleeving) to GND. Nowadays I would probably use heat-shrink but it wasn't an option (for me) back then! Also the video output just taps into the video signal as it enters the UHF Modulator...not exactly impedance matched but I remember I was happy with the result on a monitor at the time" - PK.
Back of the case showing the reset button and video output.    inside the  open case

back of the pcb showing the gray sleeve hidding the 100-ohm resistor.

Close-up images of the video.

Close-up images of the Reset button.

Reset button detials Reset button detials
Reset button detials

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