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PM Customized Ace
This Ace was Bought from a place called "Knowledge Computers" in Chester-le-Street, Gateshead around '83/'84. Also bought was a 16K Cantab branded RAM pack, the Ace PCB is an Issue 1.

"I did the sound mod back in the '80's before I could really use a soldering iron, so a bit untidy. Fitted an external keyboard at some point but all the info on that is long gone. Programmed a couple of games too " - P.M.

The Ace is currently not working and was recently sold on eBay (March 2012). We would like to thank P.M. for the use of these images. We hope in the next few days to rescue his Ace games and include them in the archive - more details will be added soon. .

Fig A. Below is a close up for the sound. A NPN transistor has been use to boost the signal to the speaker, acting as an amplifier.

Fig B. Shows some past soldering connections where an external keyboard was connected.

The modification as a schematic

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