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Jupiter Ace Emulators for Windows

We are lucky as there have been a few emulators over the years. Some are more useful than others, the odd one has features that none of the others have such as EightyOne with its WAV loader. Some have been abandoned for different reasons by their authors so development has stopped on some.
Ace32xp & DOSBox
Vace 3d
Multi Machine
Is a new (2012) emulator written by Richard Chandler which will emulate the Jupiter ACE. Some features so far:
100% accurate Z80 emulation.
Drag and drop file loading.
File Formats supported .tap .wav .ace .txt
text file spooling
Accurate sound emulation.
Soft & hard rest.
Generate NMI
Save screenshot as a .bmp file
View modes 100%, 200% Full screen.
Tape browser
WAV browser
Snapshot save (.ACE)
Set screen colours white (Ace default), green or amber.
Folder locations for snapshots & taps (see Options > Folders)
Tools - SpudACE calculator
Save & Load configuration
Keyboard help window (see Tools > display keyboard)
View Registers
View Memory
View Disassembly
load files from command line
PC logging

Keyboard layout & Keys:

Full Jupiter Ace keyboard emulated.
PC shift keys = Ace shift key (shift+8 = ( , shift+9 = ) shift+0 delete )
PC CNTRL keys = Ace symbol shift (cntrl+3 = # ,cntrl+z = : )
PC ESC will pause / restart.
PC F2 - will run SpudACE at full throttle (no sound) PC F3 - SpudACE debug tools
PC F4 - full screen mode, when in full screen F4 reverts back to normal window screen

  • New to version V1.02 June 2020
  • v1.02
  • ADDED: TZX file loading.
  • ADDED: Fastload for TZX loading.
  • ADDED: BIN files can be loaded via the command line.
  • FIXED: TAP files were not loading.
  • FIXED: SHIFT key stayed pressed after pressing and lifting '=' key.

Current version Download SpudACE 1.02

Older versions ( V0.323V0.322)  (V0.320)  (V0.314)  (V0.313)  (V0.312)  (V0.311)  (V0.310)  (V0.302)  (V0.301)  (V0.010
(V0.008)  (V0.004)

SpudACE runs very well with Windows XP/Vista/7 & Linux with WINE installed.
SpudACE V0.312

SpudAce windows

SpudACE running on Debian Linux 6.0 (Squeeze) with WINE
no$zx emulator
no$zx v2.0. The program has originally started as a two-weeks hack for emulating the ZX81, but now grew to a decent six-months project. Aside from improved ZX80/ZX81 emulation, it's now also supporting the Lambda and Jupiter ACE, alongside with the complete ZX Spectrum series (though the older monochrome Sinclair models are still looking more fascinating to me ..Martin Korth).

Download no$zx emulator V2.00 [other versions can be found no$zx website]
Is an emulator written by Mike Wynne which will emulate a number of simple machines including the ACE.
" It may or may not work on Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2k/XP. I have no means of testing it except that it runs on my Windows XP laptop. It comes with no warranty, use it at your own risk. I think the "Simple ZX81 emulator" is a little outdated now - EightyOne is the most accurate ZX81 emulator available for Windows (And probably any other system too)" :- Mike Wynne.

EightyOne Version 1.02

Version 1.2 - 30/11/2015 (by Paul Farrow)
* Bug fixes to:
- Words were incorrectly displayed for the stack in debugging window
- Labels no longer displayed for read, write, input and output breakpoints
- Writing to Chroma QS Character RAM ignored unless QS Character mode enabled
- Last IO accesses
* Alteration to Memory Window scrolling

Download EightyOne V1.02
Older Versions of Eightyone
[V1.00] [V36] [V36b] [V42] [V42z] [V43a] [V43b] [V43c] [V52]
EightyOne V1.00 splash screen

EighytOne running on Windows XP with its Wav loader.
Ace32XP and DOSBox (version 0.74)
Ace 32 running under dos Box 0.74 and windows 7

See FAQ's for Ace32 and DOSBox installation.  
Vace version 1.0 was programmed for fun by Edward Patel. It has some loading and saving capabilities, but no snapshot function or sound.
Vace running Atic Raid on Windows XP
Vace 3D
Vace 3d , Yes!, a 3d version also programmed for fun by Edward Patel.
Vace 3d running on Windows XP
What is MESS?
MESS is an acronym that stands for Multiple Emulator Super System. MESS will more or less faithfully reproduce computer and console systems on a PC. MESS can currently emulate over 250 systems from the last 5 decades, including the Jupiter Ace.
MESS emulates the hardware of the systems and sometimes utilizes ROM images to load programs and games. Therefore, these systems are NOT simulations, but the actual emulations of the hardware.
MESS 098 running on Windows XP
Multi Machine
Multi Machine was programmed by Paul Hodgson. This emulator supports the Ace snapshot format.
Multi Machine running on Windows XP