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KF Video Board

KF Video Board designed by Klaudiusz Fatla and is very neat solution to provide the Jupiter ACE with a composite video signal to make the ACE compatible with modern LCD TV's and monitors. Boldfield Computing first sold a small board called the 'Video Monitor Connector - AC6'. This device was fitted to smaller expansion. The unit is a single stage video amplifier with the out put signal terminating in a standard phono socket. Edwin Blink also designed a version for the ACE the EB Video Board.

The KF Video board is very similar using a transistor for the video amplification, the clever design is the fact it fits into the ACE's modulator box , the board replaces the small pcb in the modulator, very easy to fit with the benefit of keeping the smaller edge connector port free. Klaudiusz's design is based on a ZX81 video amp circuit that corrects and improves the signal.

Many thanks to Klaudiusz Fatla. KF Video Board Gerber files.