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Breadboard test 2.

On this breadboard the 128K RAM has been tested and we were quit happy to add the FlashROM chip. A small modification has to be made to the Ace which adds a rom deselect line [ROMSL]. This allows other interfaces with ROMs on board to take control and switch out the Aces ROMs.

So what's are the FlashROM chip for? These ROMs stored in the flash chip can be paged IN or OUT in place of the original Forth ROM's. New versions of the Aces ROM can be stored in the flash chip, also new Forth words and code for use with new hardware. As you can see its a mass of wires going all over the place, its getting hard to track down problems with wires so the next stage is to build a vero board version with all the parts soldered together.

Here you can see some of the wires carrying the address line between the RAM and Flash ROM.

Reset button added to the breadboard.