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Veroboard test 1.

In this image AMI been soldered together on veroboard we were getting just to many wire problems with the breadbords. You can see that page 7 [all three RAM bank LEDs are on] has been paged into RAM loaction 49152 and the single led show power to the veroboard. Also the reset button very handy with all the crashes I'm making! Note that I have left room on the veroboard to add the flash rom when I'm happy that the RAM is working fine.

On power up the Ace sees AMI as a 48Kb RAMpack. No RAM bank LEDs are on because RAM page 0 is at location 49152. The LED thats on is the to show power to the board.

Bottom of the veroboard.
0 32765 out 1 32765 out 2 32765 out 3 32765 out

Theses images show the GAL logic paging the RAM pages in trun drive the LEDs.
4 32765 out 5 32765 out 6 32765 out 7 32765 out

Ah yes very nice I here you say but does it work? Do we have a 131kb RAM. Yes! In short, there has been one program that's been a problem Atic Raid. This is due to the way Atic writes to the ports, we could patch Atic to work or you can lower the RAMTOP to 49152. When this is done, 49152 15384 ! QUIT, Atic Raid runs fine with out any problems. see below.

What you see here is a Jupiter Ace with a full size keyboard [Known as the IBM Ace] which I use for experiments with. Yes there is a normal 3K Ace under there, with AMI on the edge connector and you can see Atic Raid running. Next bit to add will be the Flash ROM chip.