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Veroboard test 2.

In this image you can see that we have added in a Flash ROM chip W29C010C or W29C020C [if a W290C20 is used, A17 [pin 30] is not used and should be 0v or 5v]. At the moment there are 32 images of the Ace ROM in the chip, each ROM image can be paged in or out. As part of the testing we have each alternate ROM image with a different font so we can tell if the ROM has been paged in correctly. We hope to add the extra FORTH words in one of the ROM images to control the saving and loading to a mass storage device or even create a Flash Drive. In the image below you may just make out the test font used in the alternate ROM images.

A small modification must be made to the Ace before the Flash ROM can be used. The mod adds a new signal the Aces edge connector to allow other devices with there own ROM's to take control and page out the Aces original ROM's and use the devices own ROM's see the ROMSL mod for more details.

The normal ROM images are at

0,   32, 64,   96, 128, 160, 192, 224, 256, 288, 320, . . . . [+32]

alternate font ROM images are at;

16, 48, 80, 112, 144, 176, 208, 240, 272, 304, 336, . . . . [+32]

To page in a ROM xx 32765 OUT

From the top showing the wiring under the chips
As you can see the veroboard wiring is getting a little difficult now with the lack of space.

A ROM image has been paged in showing the Ace with a new font!

The vero board work has now stopped in favour of a pcb design, AMI V1-x.