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Well after a few weeks of waiting we finally sent the Eagle pcb design away to be professionally produced. As these are only test pcbs just two have been made. AS you can see in the images below.
Component Side

Component Side Solder side
Solder side.
The pcb design is now being tested, and we have found one or two small faults the were overlooked, these have now been fixed. Below is a populated pcb with the some pin-out locations, and jumpers. The small amplifier on ami is based around the LM386 chip, small and simple. The output from this can be connected to a 8 ohm / 4 ohm, 6 cm speaker from the speaker header pins. Next, left to the speaker header pins are the channel jumpers. The sound chip has three channels, shorting the jumper's A,B or C allows that channel's signal to be amplified and output from the speaker can be heard.

Below fault fixes on the solder side of the pcb.
I could not get any sound output from the AY 8910, this was due to me mixing pin 24 and 25 signals up. Cutting the tracks fixed the fault(see the red circles in the above image), then I had found a +5v lines to port header B was also missing, (red wire added in the above image). These faults have been fixed on the EAGLE schematic ready for the next pcb board design.

AMI being tested, you may work out from the bar LED that RAM page 7 is currently paged into the top 16K of the 48K RAMpack. With AMI the Ace will have 131 Kb of RAM. When this image was taken the sound chip has been program to a "sea-wave" sound coming from the speaker!