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EB ROM Board 2

his is a new version of the EB ROM Board and is part of the ACF development. The Jupiter Ace is a tape based FORTH system which in 1983 was fine, as disk drives were very expensive several hundred pounds for a 360kB floppy drive!!
For the first time in its history it will soon have a mass storage with the ACF. But, the Ace has no AceForth words or Z80 machine code to operate and kind of hardware drive system this is why a new ROM board was designed by Edwin. The new ROM board will house a 16kB EPROM with a copy of the original Aces ROM in it for normal tape use and a new copy of the ROM with some patched SAVE and LOAD routines to save to the CF card more details to be added soon. But for now below are some images of the RB 2.