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Boldfield Joystick interface AC5

The Joystick interface appears in the Boldfield Promotion Brochures 1985 using the reference stock number AC5. The interface is uncased, comprising of a small PCB with what looks like two chips, probably a hardware decoding chip and a buffer chip, also some resistors and a large capacitor. The unit also reproduces the ACE's expansion port to allow other interfaces. The joystick port its self is a 9 pin male D socket, which most probably used the Atari type joystick.

In 1985 the cost for this interface was £19.55 with free postage. Two game were also included with the interface Frogger and Atic Raid.

Joysticj AC5 Joystick schematic

Port Used 0001h

Bit 7 = Not used
Bit 6 = Not used
Bit 5 = Fire (0=Released, 1=Pressed)
Bit 4 = Not used
Bit 3 = Left (0=Released, 1=Pressed)
Bit 2 = Right (0=Released, 1=Pressed)
Bit 1 = Down (0=Released, 1=Pressed)
Bit 0 = Up (0=Released, 1=Pressed)

Joystick compatible games;

Atic Raid.

Stusoft information sheet to help user to reconfigure their software for use with the Boldfield Joystick unit.

Stusoft joystick info sheet