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Motherboard Expansion Card (AC8)

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The Motherboard allows the simultaneous use of several different peripherals on the Jupiter ACE. Two edge positions (rear and right) are formatted to accept ordinary Jupiter ACE accessories, such as the 16K RAM pack, joystick interface etc., and one position (left) is formatted to suit Sinclair ZX81 configured items.

The board is also designed with other possibilities in mind. For example, ribbon cables can be attached, and electronic components fitted for various purposes. (Note: The proposed disc drive control unit can be accommodated, along with its associated components; and an additional power regulator can also be fitted - details of both on request).

To fit the board, first disconnect the power supply from the computer, and then push the board's edge connector firmly on to the (large) ACE expansion port - ensuring that the Motherboard is the correct way up .... the words 'MPE Ace Motherboard..' appear in the TOP RIGHT corner.

You can now fit the peripherals.

If you are using a Jupiter 16K RAM pack, it is recommended that this goes on the rear location. Ordinary ZX81 16K or 32K RAM packs can be used (on the left side), but bigger ZX packs will not work. ZX printers can be used, but special software is required to drive them (available later in 1984 from Boldfield). This left position is also used for Boldfield 48K RAM packs, or Memotech ACE keyboards.

Once all the accessories are properly attached, the power can be connected. Note: The standard Jupiter ACE power supply unit does not have much reserve capacity ! Consequently, you may find that with several accessories fitted there is insufficient power to operate them all. The remedy is to use the ZX printer power supply unit, which delivers the same voltage but 50% more current.

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