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Letter from Popular Computing Weekly 11 November 1982 - Ace Goes Back To School
Ace Goes Back
To School
Joe Laine of Yew Road, Stockport, writes:
I am very interested in the new Jupiter Ace, but I am unsure whether or not to buy it. I was going to get a ZX81 or Spectrum to learn on, because I am going to start learning computing at school soon. What I want to know is, will I have to learn two languages, one at school and one on a Jupiter Ace? Also will there be software coming out for the Ace? I do not want to buy a computer that has no software.

The Jupiter Ace has caused quite a lot of interest, and not a small amount of decision taking. It is not an easy choice to make if you want to buy a computer, even if you do believe that Forth is a better language than Basic.
What you say about school is very important. I know that last year the London Board specified any high level language for the 0-level, but only Basic for the A-level. This year the AEB has not specified Basic only. The thing to do in this case is to talk with your teachers, find out what the syllabus asks and what they are going to teach. While an increasing number of staff are becoming computer literate, I doubt if many of them are conversant with Forth.
I feel that it is a very good choice for a second machine. As to whether you should make it your first choice - I would again suggest you talk to your teachers before deciding.