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Letter from Popular Computing Weekly 9 December 1982 - Abandoning BASIC for FORTH
Mr A Cranston of Upton Road, Slough, writes:

I have an interest in the new Jupiter Ace, and I think it is set to cause much excitement. I would like to know more about its language Forth. I was hoping that you could refer me to some books that would introduce me to Forth.
Also, is it true that the Ace will be compatible with the Sinclair 16K Ram pack?

I think you are right about the amount of interest the Ace has engendered, though it still remains to be seen just how many people will take the plunge and abandon Basic. I feel it would be safest to recommend two of the books that are mentioned in the provisional instructions to the Ace, namely, 'Discover Forth' by Tom Hogan (published by Osborne/ McGraw-Hill) and 'Introduction to Forth' by Ken Kencht (published by Howard W Sams).
The book that is placed as the best choice to look at is 'Starting Forth' by Leo Brodie (published by Prentice Hall). Unfortunately, I have not been able to track down a copy at the time of writing, so I cannot say what it is like.
I think a lot of people heard the rumour that the ZX81 Ram pack was going to be compatible with the Ace, and maybe other ZX peripherals as well. However, the ZX81 Ram pack will have to be modified before it can be used with the Ace.