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Popular Computing Weekly 19 April 1984, Letter - Ace on Spectrum
Ace on
own a 48K Spectrum and Abersoft's Forth. Can you tell me if there is a possibility of running Jupiter Ace listings on my Spectrum with my Forth program loaded?
Also, are Eproms available for the Spectrum? If so, how much do they cost and are they available from retailers?
Please could you settle a slight argument between myself and my friends. Which do you think is the best joystick, The Quickshot (original), the Kempston competition Pro 5000, or the Pointmaster Pro?
Paul Bryant
33 St Marys Rd
Kent ME7 IJJ
A Jupiter Ace listing might Run on your Spectrum, if you avoided all graphics and Pokes.
Eproms are available for the Spectrum. Eprom Services, 3 Wedgewood Drive, Leeds LS8 1EF, offers an 8K Eprom board complete with a programmed toolkit Eprom for £20.95.
As for the joysticks, it's very much a matter of taste, but I'll admit to being slightly inclined towards the Kempston.