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Popular Computing Weekly 29 April 1984, Letter - Second Language
Paul Thompson of Garfield Walk, Croydon writes:
I know that Jupiter have been liquidated, and I was, like many other people, considering the advantages of the ACE to learn a second language, ie Forth. I am sure that I read somewhere that ACE's were still available at a reduced price. Is this true? If so could you give me details. Failing this do you know of a Forth package for my Commodore 64?

The remaining ACE stocks have been taken over by Boldfield Ltd who can be contacted at Sussex House, Hobson Street, Cambridge. The price is £29.95+3.45 P&P. The Ram pack (16K) is another £23. If you are serious about learning Forth this might well be the best way to go about it. Despite its failure in the marketplace the ACE is an excellent little computer. To date I do not know of a Forth package for the Commodore 64 though I would now expect to see one sooner rather than later.