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Letter from Popular Computing Weekly 8 November 1984 - Ace Stockist's
Paul Dunlop of Horsley, Glos., writes:

I am very interested in buying a Jupiter Ace an I have a few questions to ask.
Do any retailers still stock the Ace, if so how much?
How many Aces were made before Cantab went bust? What modifications meed to be made to a Sinclair 16K Ram pack to make it Ace compatible?

Very few retailers still stock the Ace; you would find it much easier to buy one direct from Boldfield Electronics who now market the Ace. A 16K Ace will cost you around £50.
Sales figures are difficult to come by, but at least 20,000 must have been sold. The low cost of Ace add-ons makes it unprofitable to try and adapt existing Sinclair, or other bits and pieces.