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Letter from Popular Computing Weekly 2 May 1985 - Ace of clubs
Ace of
A Moran, of Wolverhampton, writes:
I have owned a Jupiter Ace for over a year now, and having survived the shock of Jupiter Cantab's demise, I am still programming away.
It would help me in my efforts to master Forth if I could get in contact with other Ace users. Do you know of any clubs which would be of use to me or of any other Ace users in my vicinity?

It's strange how things work out. . . a few weeks ago someone asked me how many Aces had been made, and I said that I did not have the figures but that it could not be many. Not long after I received a letter from John L Noyce who runs the 'Jupiter Ace Users Club'. As well as informing me of the activities of the club, he also kindly informed me that the total number of Aces sold would appear to be below 8,000.
John can be contacted at PO Box ***, Brighton,BN1 ***