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Your Computer May 1983, Letter - ACE MEMORY?
I have recently bought a Jupiter Ace. I find the 3K on board rather restrictive. What is the easiest way to expand the memory, and what size can I go up to?

Donald Towlinson,

A 16K RAMPACK for the Ace is available from Stonechip Electronics, Unit 9, The Brook Industrial Estate, Deadbrook Lane, Aldershot, Hampshire. The company told me that although it is supplied as a 16K unit, it can be expanded - using chips available from them - to 32K. The extra 16K costs £19.95. You can get more details by calling the company on 0252-318260. If you want to discuss your computer with other Ace owners, you might like to get in touch with the users' club. Send a stamped, addressed envelope to REMsoft, 18 George Street, Brighton, BN2 1RH.