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Your Computer April 1984, Letter - Jupiter Dawn?
Jupiter Dawn?
Now that Jupiter Cantab have gone out of business, does that mean that I, and thousands of other Jupiter Ace owners, are going to be left out in the cold? I had not had my Ace long when I heard about the company folding. I think this is most unfortunate as I was just at the point of expanding my machine. Is there anyone still out there who is supporting this great little computer?

Neville Wright,
London E17.

THERE HAS BEEN no indication from manufacturers supporting the Jupiter Ace that they will withdraw that support, simply because the computer is no longer available. The Pacer 16K RAM unit is one of several expansion units available for the Ace, and sells for £20. It can be further expanded, for £14.50, to bring the Ace's full memory to 32K.