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Your Computer September 1984, Letter - ACE IN THE HAND?
I am interested in learning Forth and have noticed that the Jupiter Ace is now available from some sources for as low as £29.95. However, I am reluctant to buy a machine from a company which is out of business and for which there is no expandability and little software. Can one get a colour board and, if so, is it possible to generate a true hi-res display?

C J Slade,

IT SEEMS IT WOULD be hard to go wrong with a £29.95 machine, although the Ace is becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of: An add-on memory is the only peripheral which I have seen widely advertised. It might well be a better buy to get a Spectrum, and then buy one of the available Forth programs such as that produced by Artic, than start going down a dead-end street.