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Ace company
up for sale
If you have dreamed of owning a computer company, now's your chance.
Jupiter Cantab, which made the Jupiter Ace, is now being offered for sale by liquidator Dennis Cross.
Launched at the end of last year, the Ace is the only home computer using Forth as its built-in language instead of BASIC.
In a statement, Mr Cross' firm says problems began when Jupiter Cantab expanded into UK and overseas retail and distribution markets and large
orders were placed which were either not taken up or not paid for.
This caused strain on cash flow, halting fun her research and development into areas like robotics and control for which the Ace was suited.
It ends: "Time ran out for Jupiter and the Ace's true potential remained unrealised."
All the employees of Jupiter Cantab have been dismissed. Mr Cross is offering the company for sale as a going concern. If no suitable offers are received, he will have to sell off the stock for as much as can be raised for the creditors.
Mr J. D. Cross, Chatty and Myhill, Sussex House, Hobson Street, Cambridge CBI INJ
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