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Most of them are for parts of the company,' Mr Cross said, 'but there are a few people who are interested in buying the whole company.'
He stressed that his job as liquidator is to sell the assets of the company, which includes a stock of 1,600 Aces, to pay off the creditors. Any buyer of the company would not be taking on the £140,000 debt.
The inquiries have come from companies already in the micro business. Most of them are interested in widening their product range,' said Mr Cross. He would not however say who the companies are. 'I don't want to prejudice the outcome of my negotiations,' he said.
Although still open to offers, Mr Cross said that he hoped to finalise the sale soon. Chater and Myhill is on xxxxxxxxx.
Jupiter to move back into orbit?
by Ralph Bancroft
The stricken Jupiter Ace (Issue 35) may be given a new lease of life before Christmas following the creditors' meeting earlier this month.
The creditors appointed Denniss Cross of accountants Chater and Myhill to act as liquidator of Jupiter Cantab, which had run up total debts of £140,000. Mr Cross is currently looking for would-be purchasers of the company and has already had several inquiries.
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