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  Popular Computing Weekly No27, 7-13 July 1983, page 5

Ace software
REMSOFT has almost doubled the software available for the Jupiter Ace by putting out 15 new titles.
   These include utilities like Toolkit/Screenkit for machine-code programming and screen handling, Character Designer (16K) for user-definable characters, Picasso (19K) for drawing and saving pictures, Strings (19K) giving 40 string-handling commands, and Ace Assembler (4K) and Disassembler (6K).
   Other packages interface the Ace to either a Sinclair ZX printer or to the Tandy GP115 four-colour printer/plotter.
   Games tapes include Frogger, Aliens and Graphic Golf (all 19K).
   More details from Remsoft, 18 George Street, Brighton, BN2 1RH.