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ZX Computing December 1982 page 80
Rival Systems Grow
Jupiter Ace

It may well be that the reign of the Sinclair computers is over - as more and more low cost systems come on the market.

Richard Altwasser and Steven Vickers, the two principle people behind the Spectrum, have

released their Jupiter Ace, a computer which uses FORTH, in contrast to most personal computers which have BASIC as their main language.

The Jupiter Ace looks suspiciously like a ZX81 with a Spectrum key-

board. It is black and white, has ZX81 - like graphics on its keys (which tend to follow the standard Sinclair layout, in terms of the position of things like the question mark, colon and greater than signs), and is certain to generate a lot of interest, especially in the education market.

It appears that Jupiter Cantab, as the Vickers/Altwasser company is called, seems set to repeat another Sinclair characteristic - long delivery times, but this may only be teething troubles.

Below - Richard Altwasser

Richard Altwasser