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Playing the Ace
  If you can't wait for Jupiter Cantab to produce RAM packs or software for its Ace don't panic. Other suppliers are stepping in to fill the breech.

  Micro Marketing (01-736 1683) is selling the Pacer, a 16K RAM pack, for £29.95 which can be extended to 32K for an additional £19.95.

  The company is also selling games for the Ace that start at £4.50. Brighton-based Remsoft (0273-602354) has also launched a range of software. Prices vary but you can get three games—   Appleater, Parachute and Meteor Cruise — on one tape for £5.50.

  It also offers various utilities such as a Toolkit and a Screen-kit for £7.50 each.
Jupiter itself is still quoting several weeks' delay in its RAM pack deliveries.

The Pacer 16K RAM pack will plug the Jupiter Ace extension gap.

  But even when it comes it looks as though it will he pricey in comparison to competitors. The Jupiter Ace 16K RAM pack will cost £35 and the 48K version will be sold at £80.
  Jupiter Cantab says its first batch of software is currently being copied for release in the next two weeks. It will be selling two 3K games on one tape for £5.95 and 19K games will cost £7.95.