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Full title Fish and Flutterer
Year of release 1983
Publisher Jupiter Cantab
Producer / Author(s) William Vincent
Memory 3 k
Type Games (both)
Original Cost £5.95


Load the program by entering,
    load fish get graphics
Run by entering

Catch food and avoid being swept away by following the instructions displayed by the programme.


Load the program by entering,
    load flutterer get graphics
Run by entering

Move from side to side by pressing keys 5 and 8, and fire at the flutterers using key 1. Two possible speeds are selected by entering 'fast' or 'slow'.

Downloads Tap file Ace snapshot file
  Blaze file Wav file
Screen shots of fish.


Screen shots of Flutterer.

Tape inlay image

Cassette image:

Software Review from Home Computing Weekly, November 1-7, 1983, No35.

Fish and
Jupiter Ace

Jupiter Cantab, Cheshunt Building, Bateman Street, Cambridge
C132 1LZ
Arcade games are divided into those. in which something is eaten and those in which something is zapped. Here is one of each.
  In the first., a rather sad looking fish floats in the centre of the screen and ingests as much of the detritus moving across. from the right as can be manoeuvred into his mouth by the use of vertical key movements.
  At the same time, however, the player has to keep his scaly pal
moving forward or he will be swept off screen left, together with the uneaten rood, and the game will end.
  The fish's jaws snap salaciously and the score clocks up bottom right.
  Sated with all this oral satisfaction, the player can next load Flutterer, the familiar game in which seeding the random function produces a vacillating but inevitably descending croaking mannikin, jerking his limbs to be zapped by missiles fired from a mobile collar stud at the bottom. of the screen.
  Incredibly the missiles also have jerky legs and the seore piles up as before.    G.M.
instructions		70% 
playability		75%
graphics			80%
value for money		75%
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