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This item is listed as MIA (Missing in Action) or lost! We do not have it in the archive.
Maybe you would like to help by adding it to the archive?
Our mission is to create a full historical archive for the Jupiter Ace computers, its software, hardware, documents and articles. We would like to preserve every piece of software, have as many images of hardware and other documents for use free on the site. We have a long way to go and cannot do it without your help.
There are number of ways you can help by;-
  • Donating items to the project - hardware, software, manuals, magazines form the 80`s and we will do the scanning, PDF making, photos, software preservation.

  • Loaning to the project - So we can do the scanning, PDF making, photos, software preservation, before returning it to you.

  • Sending in items - any scans of documents, cassette bodies, tape inlays, book scans, hardware projects, adverts magazine articles or program listings, as PNG's, JPG's, PDF's. Software as wave files, Ace format, send files as emails or on CD-R`s, CD-RW or DVD`s. Our postal address is available on request please make contact using the email address below.

Email: postmaster at jupiter-ace.co.uk

replacing "at" with the @ symbol
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