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Contacting the Archive

I started this site to collect all the Jupiter ACE information, software, photos, magazine articles and present it as one resource, free for all to use. The goal is to preserve and to archive all Jupiter ACE material, before this information is lost forever.

You can help! If you have any material that you think should be archived such as, magazine program listings, Tape inlays, cassette body scans, Cassette programs as wav files, and would like to contribute, you can just upload the files or email it to us and we will do the rest. Check our wanted list. Full credits are given in the credits page, for the people who have helped with this project.

Email: postmaster at jupiter-ace.co.uk - replacing "at" with the @ symbol

Where does the material come from?

Most is donated to the site by people like you! Some we source from on-line auction sites. We browse old book shops for Forth Books and old computer magazines. We write to contacts in old software adverts. We also create new software and hardware and when we can encourage others to get involved to write new software titles. None of the material, scans, tap files, on the site to be sold or downloaded to a DVD and resold. A number of copyright holders have given permission for there material be listed and archived by this project alone and must not be sold as shareware or on compilation DVD/CDs and websites.

Who pays the running costs of the site?

The site costs are paid for by myself, but you can donate some cash if you like by using the pay pal button below;-

What Software is used to create the site?

The web site is in standard HTML with a Java script menu system.
  • Our computers and website server use Debian OS (Jessie) [Free open source software]
  • HTML and Javascript is done with emacs editor [Free open source software text editor].
  • Graphics files are edited with GIMP [Free open source software].
  • CD burning Software used is k3b. [Free]
  • OCR software used is Tesseract and PDFs are created with TexStudio [Free open source software LaTeX documents editor]
  • Pre OCR perpetration is done with Scan Tailor [Free open source software ]
  • Sound editing software used for recording the tape files is Audacity [Free open source software]
  • ACF schematics and pcbs board files are made with KiCAD [Free open source software]
  • Jupiter Ace Windows emulator we use is SpudACE
  • For Z80 assembler work on the PC we use TASM works fine from Dos in Windows XP SP3, Windows 7 64bit and Windows 8 and 10
  • Zip archive files are created with 7 Zip [Free open source software].