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Deep Thought Disc Drive System

More details to come soon!

Deep Thought DOS ROM diss- assembly
Screen Shots

Below are a few photos from some 5.25 floppy disk directory listings showing some files on disks. The last image shows the AceDOS words (highlighted with a yellow box around them). Notice that the call to Deep Thoughts ROM from the Ace's patched ROM ( We have named the "BootROM") lists the new DOS words after the Aces QUIT word.

Deep thought Disk listing 




Deep Thought DOS words

Deep Thought Hardware Images.

Stuart Leask's heavily modified Jupiter Ace
This image is looking down at Stuart Leask's heavily modified Jupiter Ace. The are many additions to the Ace but on this page its all about the Deep Thought disc board which can be seen clearly, its the brown vero-board pcb which sits over where the rubber keyboard mat would be.

Close up of the disc interface

Close up of the disc interface the chip with the sticker "DOS 4" is the 4k EPROM containing the DOS works and code.

Underside of the board.

Underside of the board.

Drive connection ribbon the interface can use two drives. If you want to take a closer look you can with these zipped up bigger images (12MB) you can down load.

Deep Thought Hardware Schematic

We do not know what code is in the eprom that controls the Jet-Disc, also we expected a disk controller chip and not the 6821 and 6850 chips. You can download a Hi-Res png image and Data sheets for the 6821 and 6850 chips in this zip file [10 meg]. If anyone has any images or a ROM dump of the EPROM or even any discs it used, then please consider lending them so we can preserve them.