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Jet-Disc Disc Drive System


Information on this Jupiter Ace hardware is limited if you can help with other information then please make contact. We have found a small advert in a MPE 1983 price list which describes the Jet-disc see below.

What is a Jet-Disc - MIA

How it works - MIA

DOS Commands - MIA

Schematics - MIA

Board images - MIA

Jet-Disc Advert

MPE disc interface for the Ace. With one 3" drive gives 180k
per drive. The unit includes the disc controller, one drive,
power supply, interface cable, and software. The box will
accept another drive, and the controller can be configured to
control up to four 3", 5¼", or 8" drives in any combination.
Also provides up to 4k of extra EPROM and/or RAM.
					= £299.95
Controller board only with Ace software	  £75+VAT

Also in the Boldfield eight page sales brochure January 1985;

DISC DRIVE CONTROLLER A versatile device capable of controlling up to
four independent disc drives, which can be of mixed format. It is 
compatible with most makes of 5¼" floppy disc units and can also
be used with some types of 3" drive. The ACE disc drive controller
 is designed, manufactured and sold directly
by MPE of Southampton to whom all enquiries should be made.

					£86.80 + VAT (£99.82)

Jet Disk press release in Personal Computer News September 1, 1983

This hard ware is currently MIA if you can add more details please contact the archive.