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White Echo.

White Echo is a hardware unit based on the ZX Spectrum version of the Echo Amplifier made by Stonechip Electronics

This accessory amplifies the audio signal produced by the Jupiter ACE and plays it through a speaker. Saving and loading to cassette can be accomplished without switching leads due to the save/load/beep switch. An audible cue facility allows recorded tapes to be quickly searched.

White Echo cost was listed at £19.95 White Echo not only enables the Jupiter Ace sound output to be brought into audible range, but eases the tedium of saving or loading of tapes and enlarges the range of tape recorder compatibility with the computer by means of internal fitters. The amplifier has volume control over a range adequate for most uses, and a tone control for harsh or mellow sounds.

A switched interface removes the need to swap leads during 'SAVE'ing or 'LOAD'ing. Leads are left connected all the time and the desired function is selected on the three positron switch by the user. Use of the 'CUE' facility enables an audio cue to precede the program being 'SAVE'd on tape, a decided advantage when searching through a multi program tape. The Echo simply plugs into the Ear, Mic and Power sockets of the computer and does not require an addition power supply.

The expansion port at the rear of the computer is left free for use with other peripherals and the unit is housed in an attractive case custom designed to complement the Jupiter Ace. White Echo has all the features of the ZX-Spectrum Echo, but is adapted for use with Jupiter ACE. Supplied compete with free 'Frogger' type game.

The Jupiter ACE instructions are missing, but the ZX-Spectrum's can be found at the World of Spectrum site. We would like to see some more photos or images for the archive, if you can help please get in touch.