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Software permissions.

Ageing of software does not make it Public Domain. While every effort has been made and will continue, to contact creators of Jupiter ACE software for permission to allow distribution from this the Jupiter ACE Archive site.

For more information see Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Note that permissions found here are generally strictly for this site and non-transferable (i.e. those games are not Public Domain). If you wish to host Jupiter ACE games on your own site, you must ask the copyright holders for permission yourself.

Material has been split in three sections [1] Allowed [2] Denied [3] On Request.

[1] Allowed - from this site only, no restrictions. Clicking on the * will link to the permission statements.

[2] Denied - Software distribution has been denied by the author(s) or owner(s).

[3] On Request - Software is available on request by email. We do not have a distribution denied or an allowed statement. We have contacted the author(s) and have received no reply. If you are an author of such material please make contact so we can change to distribution status.

The following is a list of programmers/artists with the permissions status.
Name Status
Jupiter Cantab [3] Request only [contact us]
Jupiter Cantab Demo Tape Allowed PD
PU-Kassette German Manual Demo Tape Allowed PD
Boldfield Computing [3] Request only [contact us]
R F Lopes Allowed - GNU General Public License
JAAT Allowed - GNU General Public License
Slogger Allowed * Published in public Jupiter ACE forums
Paul Robson Allowed PD
P Marshall Allowed PD - GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3

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