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Popular Computing Weekly 1 December 1983 Letter - Ace user club
user club
aving just read about the very unfortunate collapse of Jupiter Cantab, I was prompted to write this letter.
I feel that the machine has been greatly neglected in both the software and hardware areas. I am therefore interested in starting up an Ace user's club.
I have owned a ZX Spectrum for over a year, so I am not a newcomer to computing. I think a club for this excellent little micro would be a good idea for both beginners and advanced programmers alike. If the ZX-series should have a group, why not the Ace?
Anyone interested in either helping to run the club, or just becoming a member, should contact me at my address.
Phil Murray
91 Killingworth Drive
High Barnes
Sunderland SR4 8QS
PS. I will challenge anyone to beat me at Silversoft's brilliant Orbiter program.

[see reply in PCWeekly 82-12-15]