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Popular Computing Weekly 15 December 1983 Letter - Ace Club
e Phil Murray's letter of December 1. The Jupiter Ace Users Club is alive and well, has over 350 members, 'and is just about to issue its fourth newsletter. We welcome new members and suggest Phil writes to us. Subscription is £7 for 1984. Newsletters 1-4 cost an additional £7. Cheques payable 'Remsoft'. Here endeth the commercial.
Now that Jupiter have gone down the plughole, it's even more necessary for Ace users to stick together and share information.
By the way, the new Forth computer from Microkey is set for launch in January. It doesn't replace the Ace, merely complements it (128K, 3½" Sony drives, good keyboard. interfaces, etc . . .).
John Noyce
18 George Street
Brighton BN2 1RH
PS. Yes, I've met the theoretical ideal language types (re Jeremy Ruston's article). They're a pain. Forth is a lot more versatile than people give it credit. But even so, it's horses for courses.