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Popular Computing Weekly March 31, 1982, page 5
Software boost for
Jupiter Ace
Longer term plans include a combined RS232/Centronics interface board, available in the summer and priced around £40.
  "We are also looking at the possibility of a colour card for the Ace there is provision for it on the computer," commented Jupiter co-founder Steve Vickers.
  However, he denied reports that a new machine is in an advanced stage of development: "Obviously we have got our ideas but we are not intending to bring out another machine this year."
   Stonechip Electronics has launched a 16K add-on Ram pack for the Jupiter Ace machine. Called the Pacer, the unit costs £29.95 and is available by mail-order from Stonechip Electronics, Unit 9, The Brook Industrial Estate, Deadbrook Lane, Aldershot, Hants.
ACE owners are soon to get a shot in the arm a much-needed software transfusion from the machine's manufacturer, Jupiter Cantab.
  A range of nine cassettes will be available at the beginning of April, followed by another seven a fortnight later.
  Three of the first wave are 19K programs designed to be used in conjunction with a 16K Ram pack which will go on sale at the same time. These are: Gobbledegook, Zombies and Potholes and an Othello - type game.
  Five of the remaining six tapes each contain a pair of 3K games: Moo / Hangman , Fish / Flutterer
Greedy Gobbler/Blow up the World, Missile Man/Space Fighter-pilot and Overtaker/Brands Hatch. The last three tapes have been commissioned by Jupiter Can-tab from Micromega.
  The final tape is Monitor - a 3K programming tool to display the content of the memory.
  All of the tapes will be available from Jupiter Cantab, 22 Foxhollow, Bar Hill, Cambridge. The 19K programs are priced at £7.95. The others are £5.95.
  The 16K Ram pack available at the end of March will cost £34.95. A 48K Ram pack will follow a few weeks later and will cost £79.95.