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Life 1K
Full title
Never released (1985)
Year of release
Dutra de Lacerda
Dutra de Lacerda
Producer / Author(s)
Never sold
Original Cost

LIFE for the 1K
Old versions 2 and 3 of my LIFE programs for my 1K ACE. These are back from the 80's (1985). To me the ACE was a very expensive computer, as was the Spectrum. So I choose the Jupiter ACE... but extra 16K was too expensive to be bought (same price as the ACE).

Never regret it!

Both versions are full-Screen... done because they could not be done... and that was VERY annoying. So I did it ;)

The HACK: The trick was not using arrays, but reading and writing directly from VRAM. The compromise was a lower speed VRAM access as VRAM is available only 20% of the time. Backdoor access mode was NOT used, but as undesirable.

VERSIONS: Version 2 is FORTH only! Version 3 uses hand compiled ASM for processing and update.

FUTURE?: While these versions were rescued from old tapes, here in TAP and ACE32 format, there's a chance that I decide to rewrite the previous Version 3 where only the bottleneck was in ASM. (that one is yet to be found, if ever. So...)


Dutra de Lacerda,
Alias: Factor-H
AKA : Du.Lac.

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