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Full Title Ace Mines
Year of release 2004
Publisher Ricardo Fernandes Lopes
Producer / Author(s) Ricardo Fernandes Lopes
Memory 19 k
Type Puzzle Game
Original Cost PD - 2004 GNU General Public License
The object of Ace Mines is to find all the mines possible without uncovering any of them. If you find a mine, its all over! you lose.


I .. Move left
P .. Move right
A .. Move up
Z .. Move down

F .. to flag or mark a mine.
O .. to open or uncover the cell.
To Start a new game select,

B .. for Beginner
I .. for Intermediate
E .. for Expert

Move your cursor around the cells with keys I,P,A, and Z.
To uncover or open a cell press O, if you find a bomb its Game over!

If a number appears in the cell, it indicates how many mines are in the eight cells that surround the numbered one.

Screen shots

menu screen

Beginner and Intermediate screens

Expert screen
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