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Full title Ace Demo Tape - Banner
Year of release 1983
Publisher Jupiter Cantab
Producer / Author(s) Jupiter Cantab
Memory 3 k
Type Demo Programs
Original Cost Supplied with the Ace when bought new.
3. Banner (a game)

Uses dictionary file 'banner, bytes file 'writing'. Load by

LOAD banner GET writing

When this has loaded, it will automatically start printing 'Jupiter' and 'ACE' randomly on the screen, and beeping. You will need to BREAK into this.

GO will start it again.

GAME runs a game based on this.

Each time ACE is printed you score a point, while for each Jupiter you lose a life (nine lives altogether). You can stop the Jupiter's by pressing the magic number, one of the keys 0 to 9. The magic number is printed on the screen every so often, but it won't stay the same for long so keep a sharp watch for new ones.

acedemo-[JA001] [CRC32 checksum 682d7174] Distribution Permission Allowed | *

Screen shot

Tape inlay image

Cassette image:

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