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Full title Othello
Year of release 1983
Publisher Jupiter Cantab
Producer / Author(s) Roy Nickson
Memory 19k
Type Game
Original Cost £6.50
Instructions See tape inlay
Screen shot

Othello screen 1   Othello screen 2
Tape inlay image

Cassette image:

Review from Home computing Weekly 19 June 1983.

Jupiter Ace +
16K £7.95

Jupiter Cantab, Bateman Street, Cambridge CB2 ILZ

A Forth version of this popular game played on a rather small eight by eight matrix, against either the computer or a fellow human.
Very user-friendly, the program lets you make silly moves without crashing and teaches you the rules by trial and error, if you found the rules on the cassette card less than adequate.
You   always   play   white
against the computer's black, and you will find it a really tough opponent.
There's no special advantage in playing the game on a Forth machine, as speed hardly enters into it, and fancy displays would just be a distraction.
Playing for long on the small display, however, does tend to result in eyestrain. A larger copy of the same board would be a big improvement.


value for money

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