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Full title Micro Maze
Year of release 1982
Publisher Hi-Tech Microsoft
Producer / Author(s) Ralph Hilton
Memory 3 k
Type Game
Original Cost £6.50

It's a pacman style game for the 3K Ace.

Edwin found out the following:

LOAD graphics S FORGET C
LOAD run
To start the GAME use RUN when the ghost has catch you
enter RUN again to start a new game.

There are two extra mazes for the game:

Use 0 0 BLOAD screen2 to load the 2nd maze and then RUN as usual to start the game.
Use 0 0 BLOAD screen3 to load the 3rd maze.

The three screen shots are from the 3 maze screens.

Downloads TAP & WAV files 
Screen shot


Tape inlay image
Micro Maze Inlay
Cassette image:

Review from Personal Computer World June 1983.
Micro Maze Screen shot

Supplier Hi-Tech
Price: £6.50 (unexpended Ace)
Again the instructions are confused
between upper and lower case, but once this is sorted out loading is straightforward.
Micro Maze is a simple Pacman-style game. You roam the maze, eating as many radioactive dots as you can, and keeping an eye open for the pursuing monsters. If you manage to clear one maze of all the dots, the screen clears and you move onto a higher level - with the monsters getting quicker, and much more likely to catch you. That's all there is to it - there are four levels of skill and you automatically move onto the next level as you clear the screen.
You also have a choice of three mazes, which are selected by typing either '0 0 BLOAD screen2' or '0 0 BLOAD screen3'.
I found this game surprisingly enjoyable. Its best friends would hardly call it sophisticated, and the graphics are somewhat on the simple side but, given these limitations, it is surprisingly addictive. Certainly worth a look if you own an unexpanded Jupiter Ace.

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This software was also sold by ISP

Your Computer Magazine advert, May 1983, Page 166
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