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Full title SokoED
Year of release 2006
Publisher Ricardo Fernandes Lopes
Producer / Author(s) Ricardo Fernandes Lopes
Memory 19 k
Type Game level editor
Original Cost PD
You can create your own collection of maps and save a new versions of SokoACE!

Any level (0 to 29) can be configured with a custom created map.

To create your own maps use the SokoACE Map Editor - SokoED.

Reset the Jupiter ACE and load the map editor with:


Start a new map with:

<number> NEW

Where <number> is just an arbitrary integer to label the map.
(This number is a simple label with no meaning or relation with game levels)

Move the editing cursor with:

I to move cursor up
J to move cursor left
K to move cursor down
L to move cursor right

Place map elements in the current cursor position using:

S to place Soko.
      (To be consistent, place only one Soko in the map)
Z to place Soko over a target mark
B to place a Box
O to place a Box over a target mark
T to place a Target mark
W to place a Wall brick
X to clear the current cursor position
C to clear the entire Map

The map number can be changed using:
N to increment map number by one
P to decrement map number by one
M to enter another map number

When finished creating your new map, quit the editor with Q.
Then save your map to a tape file with:
MAP BSAVE <mapname>

If you want to edit an already existing map load it and launch the editor with:

(with SokoED already in memory)

MAP BLOAD <mapname> ED
After creating your map collection it's time to modify SokoACE to play them.
Reset Jupiter ACE and load SokoACE with:

Then replace any level with your own map using:

<level> MAP 0 BLOAD <mapname>

where <level> is a level to modify (from 0 to 29)
and <mapname> is a map filename.
For example:

10 MAP 0 BLOAD map111

This Will overwrite Level 10 with a map from file "map111".

Repeat it for each level you want to modify then save a new version of SokoACE with:


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