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Full title Star Trek Mission
Year of release 1983
Publisher Ravensoft
Producer / Author(s) M McGeary
Memory 19k
Type Game
Original Cost £5.00
Missing in action - Click if you can help find it

Advert from Popular Computing Weekly, Vol 2, No 19,
12-18 May 1983, line advert page 38.


The classic computer game Startrek is now available on the Jupiter Ace. The program, which requires 19K, has all the usual trek features of shields, scans, phasors, torpedos, etc. The task, as ever, to rid the galaxy of the Klingon menace.
Should you complete your mission successfully, you will be awarded a percentage rating depending on your performance.
This is one of a number of programs issued recently for the Ace - good to see the software back up improving, tremendously for this machine.

Program Startrek Mission
Price £5.00
Micro Jupiter Ace
Supplier Ravensoft
67 Barker Road
Cleveland, TS5 5EW

From Popular Computing Weekly 21-27 July 1983.
New Releases Column page 46.
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