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Full title Tape 4: Four Challenging Games.

1.) Saucer
2.) Driver
3.) Maze
4.) Para
Year of release 1983
Publisher Remsoft
Author(s) Garry Knight
Memory 3K
Type Games
Original Cost Ace Users Club £4.50 Others £5.50
Downloads TAP & WAV files
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Your Computer advert, March, 1983, page 158


Jupiter Ace

Remsoft, 18 George Street, Brighton, BN2 IRH

This games compendium from the Remsoft stable genuinely lives up to its challenging claim. With the speed of Forth these games certainly do need real skill and their difficulty is increased by the gooey rubber keys of the Ace.
The games themselves are not exactly new, but if this is what you think Forth is for you'll enjoy mastering them and gradually improving your skill.
In Saucer, flying objects more like rockets than saucers appear in swift transit from left to-right and you have nine chances to zap them. Sound and flashes crown your (rare!) successes.

Driver involves you in a mad ton-up attempt to keep your skidding car on the winding road, with penalty points piling up against you all the time, while Maze lets you steer an exponent sign much more sedately through its labyrinth in search of the almighty dollar.

Parachute is a Forth version of the Micro game of the same name for the Spectrum, where you release a parachutist from a plane and guide him safely to earth in the dropping zone.
Instructions to all these games are clear and comprehensive, there are no loading problems and when your trigger finger gets tired you'll find it well worth your while to dissect the dictionary to see how they all run.
Instructions 85% Playability 90% Graphics 95% Value for money 90%  

5 Star rating

Review from Home Computing Weekly 31 May 1983

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