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Jupiter ACE Issue 00 identification

Its appears that early Jupiter ACE PCB's had track faults on the boards. These boards were drawn by hand following the schismatic drawings, its unlikely that Jupiter Cantab had any PCB designing software and with so many tracks to be hand drawn errors were unwillingly introduced on the first PCB layout.

We have now come across several PCBs which these track errors and modifications to fix the PCBs, and so we will refer to them as Issue 00 PCB's. It looks like Jupiter Cantab sold working fixed boards, we don't have any form of evidence only the PCBs we have seen.

The issue 1,2 and 4000 boards have been corrected and adjusted.

Jupiter ACE Issue 00 pcb component side.

Jupiter ACE issue 00

Modifications to the PCB.

Issue 00ís have a wire connecting from pin 15 of Z15 a 74LS367 to pin 1 of Z26 74LS32

Z17 (74LS367) pins 13,14 and 15 have been de-soldered from the PCB and legs bent over the chip. Z17

Z17 Pin 15 is connected to GND.

Z17 pin 13 is connected to Z14 (74LS367) pin 14 which has also been de-soldered from the PCB with the leg bent over the chip.

Z17 pin 14 is connected to the PCB Through-hole Via where Z14 pin 14 has been removed.

Z15 (74LS367) pins 13 & 14 have been de-soldered from the PCB and legs bent over the chip with a diode making the correct to pins 13, 14 & pin 1

Jupiter ACE Issue 00 pcb Solder side.

Z15 pin 15 is connected to Z26 pin 1 with this wire link.

Jupiter ACE Issue 00 Unpopulated PCB Image

We do not have a scan or image of an unpopulated Issue 00 PCB, may be you can help?

Jupiter Ace chip ID and location

Just hover your mouse over the component to find out what they are and function. On some parts of the image you can click on the link which will give you more info information (The PCB version used below is an Issue 1).