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Full title SokoACE
Year of release 2006
Publisher Ricardo Fernandes Lopes
Producer / Author(s) Ricardo Fernandes Lopes
Memory 19 k
Type Game
Original Cost PD


Load and play SokoACE with:


Move Soko (the smiling face) using:

I to move up
J to move left
K to move down
L to move right

Your goal is to push all boxes to the target marks (dots).
You cannot push more then one box at a time.
You cannot pull a box.

There are 30 levels to choose from.
N to load the next level map
P to loads the previous level map
M to enter a level number from 0 to 29
R to re-start the current level again

Note: When changing levels there is some delay while the computer scans the new map for boxes and Soko position.

The Q key quits the game.

You can also create your own maps with SokoEditor


Screen shot


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