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Site Copyright statement & Credits

How to contact the archive team.

The information on this site is provided as a restoration and preservation project, and is intended to be the main source to find material about the Jupiter ACE computer.

The Jupiter ACE Archive was first created in 2004 and maintained by SPT. In MAY 2005 the website was publish on the net. In 2005, Edwin Blink joined the project followed by Ricardo Fernandes Lopes in 2006 together are the Jupiter ACE Archive Team (JAAT).

We would also like to thank the following people (not in any particular order!) for supporting the archive with material and donations since 2005:-

1/12/2018 - Donation from SERGIO GIMENEZ DE ASIS - many thanks for your support.

Jeff Shepherd - Deep Thought DOS, Dr Stuart Leask - Deep Thought Disk system
Colin Dooley, Keith Murphy, John Cole, Leendert A. Hartog,
Ricardo Fernandes Lopes, Bo Pettersson, Julian Skidmore
George Baker, Lee V, Andy Collins, Professor J.V. Noble, Adam Spry, Dr. John Evans, Jolyon Ralph, Martyn Smith,
Simon Owen, John King, Hans Otten , Graeme Burdis, Grant Searle, Martyn Smith, Troels Noergaard, Stephen Stuttard, Paul Robson
Edwin Blink, Geoff Wearmouth, Neal Crook, Martin Greenbank, Paul Farrow, Stephen Pelc, Edward Patel, Martin North
Marcos Cruz, Lawrence Woodman, Derek Thomas, Barry J Cooper, John Heath, Will Pazda, Dutra de Lacerda , Adrian Graham, Philip Marien -

& anybody I have missed out!

Thank you!

Many Jupiter Ace users and enthusiasts have given material for use in the archive only, with the understanding that any material will not be reproduced on any other sites, copied or used with the permission of the Jupiter Ace archive.

Please Note : On 17th November 2015 we were informed that the "Jupiter ACE" Brand is owned by,
Paul Andrews CEO, Andrews UK Limited, www.andrewsuk.com


First let me say what a great job you guys have been doing on the Jupiter Ace archive site.

My name is Paul, and I am the new owner of the Jupiter Ace brand.

First don't panic, I only want to support you guys with regards what you are doing,
and totally want to encourage you to carry on with the archive site. I am actively
talking to several physical museums about giving some of the
Jupiter Ace archive I now own to them for it to be displayed also.

If there is anything I/we can do to help you we will do so. We have a fledgling
web site here - www.jupiter-ace.com - which has some history on the Ace and its owners,
including now us. We link to you for the real history of course.
We will at some point have something behind the 'future' button.

All I would ask you guys to do moving forward is, as we now own the trademark
of the Jupiter Ace, is to make a note on your site, that you are using the logo
with our permission. Because we hope to do something with the brand we have to
 protect both its history as well as its future, I hope you can understand that.

As above we will actively help you guys if we can, and we love what you are doing.
If we can help at all we will also. All we would ask is for you to make that note
on the site.

Thanks in advance for doing that.

Lets keep in touch!

Paul Andrews
Andrews UK Limited
www.andrewsuk.com      - November 17, 2015.

All web-content, including but not limited to text, pictures, layout and scripts is copyright & 2005-2019 SPT unless stated otherwise. All rights reserved. No part of this site may be reproduced in any form or by any means without prior consent. Deep-linking and mirroring prohibited. Mirrors will be banned.